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The Ultimate Vantage Point

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About Us

FTP is a global technology company with headquarters in Perth. We are leaders in providing businesses with greater Operational Intelligence to manage their operations.

We are driven by innovation and are dedicated specialists in the provision of market-leading IT/OT network services, technologies and solutions. 

We provide our customers with real-time 24-hour data alongside a round-the-clock support service. We use the power of data to give you the ultimate vantage point on your business.


IMS (Integrated Management System) has been developed in-house by FTP. This cutting-edge platform collates data from a variety of third-party systems and presents them through a simple and intuitive interface.

The platform can grant you access to key information on your business across a widespread geographical area. It is a single end-to-end monitoring system that reports your data in real time, 24 hours a day.

Stop Working Blind


OTSC (Operational Technology Support Centre) is a team of experienced engineers and support workers who are experts in FTP’s software; specifically, IMS (Integrated Management System).

OTSC provides you with constant IMS support. The team are there to answer your questions as well as to monitor and report on your data.

Professional Services

FTP is well positioned to provide a variety of professional services. From consulting and project management, to on site or remote technical resources, right through to design and commissioning of tailored Network Solutions. Our services focus on transitioning your site from manned to autonomous operations.

The Benefits Of Working With FTP

Network Optimisation

FTP can help you solve any on-site connectivity issues, as well as
dramatically improve your network’s efficiency.

Reduced Operating Costs

With your recorded data, you’ll be able to pinpoint when and where a problem arose and rectify it at a much faster rate, thereby dramatically reducing operating costs.

Greater Visibility

FTP gives you a greater understanding of the actions of your assets. You are provided with constant access to data on your most valued resources.

Real-Time Decision Making

Be able to make informed and strategic decisions in every facet of your business; have the most up-to-date on-site information available.

FTP & Mining

Forward thinking mining companies across the globe have incorporated FTP’s software into their operations. These businesses have dramatically reduced their on-site costs, as well as markedly increased their productivity.

FTP & Agriculture

We are transforming our IMS platform to allow the optimisation of farming operations. The vast amount of data that goes into managing a modern farm can be efficiently represented with our technology.