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Author: Jonathan Clews

IMS Underground in development.

IMS for underground is in development! FTP has been partnering with underground opperations across the globe to develop a tailored solution for below ground operations. IMS (Integrated Management System) is
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IMS Triggers can save time and money!

Triggers and Alerts. As is well known, mine sites rely on many systems to support their operations, especially when it comes to autonomous solutions. These systems range from large solutions
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Case Study – OTSC

The Operational Technology Support Centre (OTSC) is the hub of technological excellence for autonomy operations. The OTSC team consists of a team of highly specialised engineers and support workers that
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Case Study – RF Planning

Enabling smarter mining through the intelligent application of IMS planning tools Currently RF surveys are conducted by driving light vehicles around site to identify trouble areas. In order to accurately
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IMS v1.12.0 Major Release

IMS v1.12.0 Major Update is now available We are excited to announce that IMS v1.12.0 is now available and will provide you with some significant improvements in functionality and compatibility. Please contact
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